h o m e........
p a s t   i s s u e s....
s u b m i s s i o n s....
l i n k s





1/1 Good morning.
1/2 I love you.
1/3 It's an emergency.
1/4 Don't fall in love with me; I'm bad news.
1/6 I could eat a horse.
1/9 Can you hold the [onions]?
1/10 Have you seen my [toothbrush]?
1/11 I need [several] drinks.
1/15 Let's go wild!
1/16 I need to take a shower.
1/23 This place sucks.
1/24 Can you loan me some money?
1/25 Let's go somewhere else.
1/27 Let's get to know each other.
1/28 You have such beautiful [hands].
1/30 My [boyfriend/girlfriend] is out of town.
1/31 What do you like to drink?
2/1 Do you have something cheaper?
2/2 Are you seeing someone else?
2/3 I just want to go for a walk.
2/4 Where can I buy [trashy novels]?
2/5 You're just not my type.
2/6 The water's [teeming with sharks.]


Does film mean we travel less or float more?
I ask in the unbuttoning.
Every time in the staccato-elegato rhythm of the thing.
In the baring, obviously.
I witness this
and never had to go to ends of earth
all known in innocence
like how to dance the ladder springs like ferns curl sweet inside.
And what I have needed to do I have done
with borrowed ballerinas
and when I turn and when I find do dah do dah.
The stakes too high in everything I think.

............... NOTE ON TANSEY

Remember that pure
eyes slip right as rain
over connectedness in things.
This explains the weather
and the way we are gamesome, strange.
So much more strange than true and so much
for our Ovidian anxieties,
that slippage unbraiding self.
We make account, in the same breath,
of dreams or divinations,
unconcerned to underlie
figures with no memory
of why they wished to rise,
burlesque and bombast,
they tense and lift,
toward certain stars.


The few remnants matter less 
than what we cannot see
always in so far
as if the disappearance is the beginning
of the thing in flight.

We must imagine the image unmade
and thereby ourselves artists
of a thing other than instance or ornament.

What connects is unconstrained
but handsome
backwards governed
and programmed strange.
Things made to mimic self-regard.

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